Pooja's FAQ

What are Sai Bhajans?

Sai Bhajans are devotional songs dedicated to Sai Baba, a revered spiritual figure. These songs are often sung by devotees during worship or prayer sessions.

How do Sai Bhajans contribute to spiritual practice?

Sai Bhajans serve as a means of expressing love, devotion, and surrender to Sai Baba. They are believed to have a calming and spiritually uplifting effect on the mind, fostering a sense of connection with the divine.

Are there specific melodies or tunes associated with Sai Bhajans?

Yes, there are popular melodies and tunes associated with Sai Bhajans. These tunes are often simple and repetitive, making it easier for a group of people to sing together during devotional gatherings.

Is it possible to reschedule the date and time of the pooja without canceling the booking?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to alter the date and time of the pooja. Kindly get in touch with POOJAT customer care for coordination.


What steps should be taken after scheduling a pooja with a pandit or temple?

After booking a pooja with a pandit or temple, you will receive the pandit's contact number in the booking section. Feel free to reach out to confirm details and discuss any specific requirements.


What items or materials do I need to organize for the Pooja Samagri during Pooja?

Feel free to contact the pandit ji for guidance on samagri and other arrangements by making a call.