धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Our Story

Founded in 2022, Poojat started out with the mission to serve 120 cr Hindu worldwide. With a database of more than 5000 Pandit and temple across India, Poojat is committed to spread Sanatan Dharma worldwide. Supports more than 120 type of pooja in 15 languages pandit. Poojat currently serves 12 cities in India and increasing daily.

Team behind vision

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Gyan Poddar

17 years of strong experience with technology & sales. Follower of Lord Vishnu

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Neha Poddar
Co-founder,, B.ed, M.ed

8 years of experience managing School and Restaurant. Follower of Maa Durga

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Code Master

15 years of technical experience. Follower of Lord Hanuman

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Pandit Ji

Guidance & blessings of 2000+ pandit with us

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Prashant Shekhar Rai
Sales Manager

Follower of Lord Rama

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Anjali Arora
Ast Sales Manager

Follower of Maa Durga

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Satendra Singh
Relationship Manager

Member of ISCON, Noida. Follower of Lord Krishna

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Akanksha Singh
Manager(Content writing & Social Media)

Follower of Lord Shiva