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Pooja's FAQ

Is it possible to reschedule the date and time of the pooja without canceling the booking?


Certainly, you have the flexibility to alter the date and time of the pooja. Kindly get in touch with POOJAT customer care for coordination.


What steps should be taken after scheduling a pooja with a pandit or temple?

After booking a pooja with a pandit or temple, you will receive the pandit's contact number in the booking section. Feel free to reach out to confirm details and discuss any specific requirements.


What items or materials do I need to organize for the Pooja Samagri during Pooja?

Feel free to contact the pandit ji for guidance on samagri and other arrangements by making a call.


What is the significance of the color red in association with Maa Katyayani?

The color red is often associated with strength, power, and courage. In the context of Maa Katyayani, it may symbolize her fierce and protective nature.

Why is she called Katyayani?

According to religious texts, Goddess Parvati was born to the Sage Katya, and hence, she is referred to as Katyayani.

When is Katyayani Devi Puja performed?

The worship of Katyayani Devi is particularly emphasized on the sixth day of Navratri. Devotees may also perform special pujas for specific benefits at other times.

What are the benefits of Katyayani Devi Puja for marriage?

The puja is believed to resolve delays in marriage, remove Mangalik Dosha from one's horoscope, and eliminate obstacles related to marital issues. It is said to contribute to a happy, fulfilling, and successful married life.

How can one book Katyayani Devi Puja online?

You can book the puja online through Poojat App that offer religious services. They typically provide details about the puja, required materials, and may connect you with priests who can perform the ritual.

How does one perform Gajendra Moksha Puja?

The puja involves reciting the Gajendra Moksha Stotra or relevant verses from the Bhagavata Purana, along with prayers expressing devotion and surrender to Lord Vishnu. Offerings such as flowers, fruits, and other items may be made.