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Pooja's FAQ

Why perform Radha Krishna Pooja?

Radha Krishna Pooja is performed to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, who are considered the embodiment of divine love and devotion in Hinduism. 

What is the significance of Radha Krishna Pooja?

The Pooja is significant for those seeking love, harmony, and a deeper spiritual connection in their lives. Radha and Krishna symbolize the eternal love between the devotee and the divine, and their worship is considered auspicious for personal and spiritual growth.

When is the best time to perform Radha Krishna Pooja?

While Radha Krishna Pooja can be performed on any auspicious day, special occasions like Krishna Janmashtami or Radhashtami are ideal. Additionally, Fridays, considered sacred for Goddess Lakshmi, are also suitable for Radha Krishna worship.

What items are needed for Radha Krishna Pooja?

The items required for Pooja include idols or images of Radha and Krishna, fresh flowers, incense, lamps, fruits, sweets, and other traditional Pooja items. Devotees may also use Tulsi leaves and water from the holy river Yamuna if available.

Can Radha Krishna Pooja be performed at home?

Yes, Radha Krishna Pooja can be performed at home with devotion and sincerity. Setting up a clean and sacred space, decorating the idols, and offering prayers with love and devotion are essential elements of the Pooja.

What mantras are chanted during Radha Krishna Pooja?

Mantras like the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, Radha Krishna Gayatri Mantra, or specific prayers dedicated to Radha and Krishna can be chanted during the Pooja. Devotees may also recite verses from sacred texts like the Bhagavad Gita.

What benefits can one expect from Radha Krishna Pooja?

Devotees believe that Radha Krishna Pooja can bring love, peace, and spiritual joy into their lives. It is thought to remove obstacles, grant blessings for harmonious relationships, and deepen one's connection with the divine couple.

Is it possible to reschedule the date and time of the pooja without canceling the booking?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to alter the date and time of the pooja. Kindly get in touch with POOJAT customer care for coordination.


What steps should be taken after scheduling a pooja with a pandit or temple?

After booking a pooja with a pandit or temple, you will receive the pandit's contact number in the booking section. Feel free to reach out to confirm details and discuss any specific requirements

What items or materials do I need to organize for the Pooja Samagri during Pooja?

Feel free to contact the pandit ji for guidance on samagri and other arrangements by making a call.